About Debra

Hello and welcome to my blog.  I started in real estate in the spring of 2013, but as my broker says I have the experience of someone who has been in much longer.  My first year in real estate, I was the Rookie of the Year for my company and one of 5 in the city.  You become a Rookie of the Year by selling a lot of real estate your first year.  Some will say I was lucky but as the streak continued I think it had more to do with hard work, my connections in the community, and my business acumen.

Since I started I have worked with dozens of people buying and selling houses and investing in real estate.  But I also invest in real estate on my own and have bought and sold several of my own personal residences.  Those experiences help me relate with my clients as the joys and frustrations of real estate are fresh in my mind.

I guess I was a little bit of a nomad before I started in real estate having lived in 8 different states.  And 8 different neighborhoods and 11 different houses since moving to Nashville in 1987.  Living in multiple neighborhoods has given me a unique experience of Nashville which has only been amplified by the various neighborhoods I have searched for homes for my clients.  I love Nashville and all its wonderful neighborhoods, and they are many!

I have a MBA from the Owen Graduate School of Business at Vanderbilt University.  MBA’s are somewhat rare among realtors, but that business background has proven useful in dealing with the complex contracts and financial aspects of real estate.  Previous to joining Village Real Estate I worked at Vanderbilt Medical Center as the Director of Training and Development, co-owned a management consulting company for 11 years, and was the Director of Administrative Services at Oasis Center.  Quite a varied career, with many skills that have proved useful in helping my customers.

I choose real estate at this stage in my life for many reasons – I was interested in real estate for myself, I love working with others and connecting them to their dreams, and I was looking for more flexibility in my schedule.  In real estate its not unusual to work 7 days a week but you can do it a different times of day and in remote locations and I like that.  What I found once I started was that it utilizes all the skills from my past lives so fits me well.  And I have met so many wonderful people.  I love my job!

And those that know me says it fits me well.  I have a calm and steady personality which really helps when dealing with the bumps along the roads in a real estate deal.  It is a major transaction for most people and so they need a lot of support and knowledge from a professional along the way.  They need to trust someone is looking out for their best interest.  And with me they do.

I have been involved in the community for a long time.  While I was at Oasis Center, I volunteered for all of the special events they conducted which led me to joining Hands On Nashville when they first started community service projects.  Eventually I joined the HON Board and became Board President.  After leaving Oasis, I joined the Board of Davidson County CASA, also taking on the role of President.  Then the TN CASA Board, Junior Achievement and now Operation Stand Down TN.

I was lucky enough to go through Leadership Nashville in 2000-2001 and continue to serve there by working on the opening retreat committee each year.  I have been a examiner with the TN Center for Performance Excellence for 5 years.  And I serve on the Professional Development committee of the Greater Nashville Realtors organization.

Because of my community involvement it made sense to hang my license at Village Real Estate.  Village has been giving back to the community since its inception.  The year I joined it had hit a milestone of $1 million given to the community.  And that amount continues to grow as the Village Fund supports an array of community organizations.

On a more personal note, I have two daughters, both married and living in Nashville, and 4 grandsons.  I love that they live close by and that I can see them often.  I have a Great Pyrenees, named Betty White, that I walk daily through my neighborhood.  Be sure to say hi if you see me!  I love to travel, with my family, one of my grandsons, my friends, or by myself.  I have been to 14 countries so far, several more than once and am planning a trip around the world.  I’ve also visited most of the US.