Inspections – Can’t Live With ‘Em and Can’t Live Without ‘Em

The number one reason most purchase contracts for homes fall through is due to the inspection.  And I had two contracts that fell through in the last few weeks, which for me is unusual. And that’s a lot of work for me and my clients with no results.   Bulbs to Basements Home inspections are…… Continue reading Inspections – Can’t Live With ‘Em and Can’t Live Without ‘Em

Both Sides Now

It’s hard to believe I have been selling real estate for 5 years now.  Sometimes it seems much longer and other times I feel if I’ve just started.  There have been occasional clients or potential clients that have driven me crazy, like the one woman that looked for 9 months but could never pull the…… Continue reading Both Sides Now

“I’ll Live In My House Forever”

I hosted a party for a friend who just retired recently and had several conversations over the course of the evening about real estate.  Not sure how that happens! One comment that stood out for me was “I’ll live in my house until I die”. Short Sighted Thinking Now I understand that concept even if…… Continue reading “I’ll Live In My House Forever”

The Scary Side of Real Estate

I love my chosen profession for many reasons but there are times when it’s not so fun.  There is a scary side. Sellers Greed It has been a seller’s market for some time now but unfortunately some sellers have gotten greedy.  Recently a client put an offer on a house in East Nashville.  My buyer…… Continue reading The Scary Side of Real Estate