The Art of the Move

Moving has been on my mind lately, maybe because I miss it since it’s been over 18 months since I last moved.  Crazy I know. Or maybe because friends and family are moving. And it has been interesting watching the drama unfold as well as the different approaches to the move.

It’s Worth The Price

One recent comment, “hiring movers was worth the price.”  Now most of us have graduated from moving ourselves with the help of friends and family but those of you who haven’t, take this comment to heart.  But moving starts long before the movers pull up to your house.

Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff

The biggest obstacles for most people considering selling their home is dealing with their stuff.  Stuff they’ve accumulated over 15, 20 or 30 years or sometimes only 2 or 3. I encourage all of you to look in your closets, basement or attic and ask –  have I used everything in here at least once in the last year or two? If your answer is no, it’s time to start willowing down your stuff. Even if you don’t plan on moving any time soon.

Lighter and Happier

One friend/client recently moved and she spent over 4 months going through her stuff.  Through each iteration of cleansing – an estate sale, a yard sale, sorting into keep, toss and donate piles, she said that she felt lighter and happier.  When the movers finally came she didn’t even fill up the whole truck. She was very excited about starting over in her new home with less stuff and a lighter palette.

Boxes, Boxes and More Boxes

Another starting ‘packing’ as a way to declutter their house before they put it on the market.  Feeling pressed to get their house ready, everything they didn’t use regularly went into a box. Then as the move day got closer more and more of their stuff went into boxes.  They breathed a sigh of relief as the last box was packed shortly before the truck pulled away from their old home.

Overwhelmed and Stressed

Once they arrived at their new home the task of unpacking all those boxes felt very overwhelming.  And there were boxes everywhere. And as they slowly started to put their stuff away they struggled to find places to put everything.  Unfortunately they needed to get unpacked and settled in order to get on with their daily activities. So back everything went into closets, drawers, cupboards, the garage, the attic and the basement.  And their house was filled with stuff again.

Make It Fun With Family and Friends

As I have moved from place to place, I have tackled each area of accumulated stuff one by one.  And I have found the process quite enjoyable. I spent hours going through old photographs, selecting the ones to keep, ones to give to my children and those to toss.  Reminiscing along the way. I reduced the amount by over ⅔ freeing up a lot of cupboard space. It was fun going through my closets and finding all the clothes that no longer fit and giving them to a local charity.  Getting dressed each morning is much less of a hassle. Reducing the gadgets in my kitchen makes it so much easier to find the things I use on a regular basis.

No Better Time To Get Started Than Now

So the moral of the stories is start sooner than later to deal with your stuff.  You’ll enjoy the place your in so much more and when you decide to move and that truck pulls away from your new home it will be a snap to get settled in.   It’s easy to get overwhelmed if you have to deal with it all at once so start a project now and get started. Make it fun as a family project or enlist your friends to help. You’ll feel lighter and less stressed.  You’ll also be happier by helping others as they benefit from them items you give away.



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