Make The Right Choice

In a market where house seems to sell as soon as they are put on the market many sellers consider selling it themselves.  But statistics show that houses sold by a realtor sell for 19% more than for sale by owner and sell 19 days faster. If that doesn’t convince you here are a just a few things a realtor does for you when you list your home.  If it’s the right realtor! Not all realtors are created equal. So here’s some things to think about when selecting a realtor to list your home.

The Price Is Right

To help you set the right price for your home, a realtor should present your with comps, or prices of houses that have sold recently in your area that are similar in size and condition.  As well as houses that are currently on the market, your competition. I’ve even taken my clients to look at their competition so that we can accurately assess their condition Often clients look at pictures on Zillow or Trulia to assess other properties.  But pictures are so deceiving, they can make a great house look so-so and a house that needs a lot of work or is poorly laid out look awesome. Pricing a house is a seller’s decision but your realtor should provide knowledge of the market and objective eyes on the condition of your house, so use that knowledge as you decide on a price.

First Impressions

A really good realtor will help you present your home in the best light possible. They can help you in several different ways.  They can help you determine what repairs and upgrades to make prior to put it on the market. There is a delicate balance between doing too little and doing too much.  When there are things that need to done, a realtor can connect you to the resources you need to get the work completed. There should have a rooster of qualified service people to refer you to, such as organizers, painters, electricians, plumbers and landscapers.  A realtor can also help you stage your home either with your own furniture or with the help of a stager. First impressions mean a lot when you show your home.

Easy Access

As a showing agent one of my greatest pet peeves is listings that do not use a showing center, instead you have to call the agent to make an appointment.  When I am showing a buyer multiple properties it necessary to schedule them all at once giving each a certain amount of time, there is a art and science to it.  When I call a showing center, I always get someone on the phone and they immediately call the sellers to arrange the appointment. And I normally hear back from them rather quickly and my carefully planned showing schedule impresses my buyer.  But if I have to call multiple agents who may or may not call me back, may or may not have time to call their seller, I may not be able to fit that house into my schedule any longer and that house doesn’t get shown. So my buyer doesn’t see your house and you’ve lost a potential sale.  It’s your realtor’s job to provide easy access for agents to bring clients to view your house, make sure they do that.

Safety and Security

Realtors use two different types of lock boxes to provide the key to showing agents.  The first is a combo lock, there are several different styles but they all require 3 to 5 numbers to open the box.  Although not ethical, it has been known for realtors to give clients the lock box code to enter a house on their own.  Someone can also look over a realtors shoulders and get the code. Once someone has the code they can enter at any time and there is no record of them being there.  Thankfully most people are honest and thoughtful, but it only takes one unscrupulous person to get a hold of that code. The other is a sentrilock which requires a special key card that only realtors and other licensed professionals have.  The card also requires a personal code to open the lock. The sentrilock keeps track of who enters your house, when they arrive and when they leave. So you have a record of everyone who has come into your house. Your safety and security is important to me so I only use sentrilocks.

This is only the beginning of the selling process and only a few of the ways a realtor helps in that process.  But hopefully it gives you a sense of why it is so important to pick a highly professional realtor, one with the right knowledge and tools.  If you know someone who is thinking about listing their home please connect me, I have the knowledge and tools to help them have a very successful sale.


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