Both Sides Now

It’s hard to believe I have been selling real estate for 5 years now.  Sometimes it seems much longer and other times I feel if I’ve just started.  There have been occasional clients or potential clients that have driven me crazy, like the one woman that looked for 9 months but could never pull the trigger.  Good thing I enjoyed her company! Generally I have loved working with everyone of my clients and I really do enjoy the work.

I loved that I have worked with so many people from my past and have met so many new people.  Who knew I would meet a tall Brazilian just moved here from Russia! I have worked with a wide variety of wonderful individuals and families as they sold their cherished home or sought their dream home.  I have worked across the city from downtown to Smyrna, Hendersonville to Franklin, and Donelson to Bellevue. Here are the reasons I enjoy my work so much.

Home Sellers

Sometimes I think selling a home is one of the most difficult things to do.  For most people they have lived a large portion of the lives there so the house is filled with memories and full of emotional attachments.  Thay have also accumulated a lot of stuff they need to deal with as well as get the house in tip top shape to make it easy to sell. Sellers often have a hard time letting go of their style to make their house attractive to others.  We all have great style, right?

Yet I really enjoy working with sellers.  My connections in the community provides me with the resources they need to prepare the house for the new owners.  Finding tradesmen to do needed repairs, designers to consult, organizers to help sort, and even stores to shop for those last minute accessories needed to stage the house are all connections I can make for them.   My knowledge of the market and what buyer are looking for provides valuable insights that helps them make their house attractive to prospective buyers. My skill in coaching others allows me to guide them through the letting go process.  Keeping sellers focused on and excited about the future helps the transition go smoother.

First Time Homebuyers

One client I really enjoy working with is first time homebuyers.  One, it’s quite a challenge to find a home in this market they can afford.  And I do love a challenge. So that means we need to look in alternative neighborhoods, areas where they might enjoy good appreciation so that in a few years they can sell and buy another home closer to what they see as their dream home.  Working with first time homebuyers also requires providing a lot of education. Sharing my knowledge has always brought me joy and I have a wealth of knowledge about the community, the buying process, mortgage options, home maintenance, and the value of home ownership.

Empty Nesters

I have a lot of fun working with ‘young’ retirees moving to Nashville, who’ve come from all over the country.  One thing that makes it fun is that they are truly looking for their dream home and neighborhood. They have bought and sold several houses already so their focus is on the amenities of their home and the lifestyle they hope to create in this chapter of their lives.  I have a lot in common with these clients so they often become friends after the home buying process is through. A knowledge of neighborhoods and their amenities is needed to help these clients. East Nashville, Green Hills, Franklin, and Brentwood are examples of neighborhoods that attract these buyers.  

I love to talk with them about what is going on in and around Nashville. We talk about the growth of the city and the changes that have been happening.  And I share resources to find the activities they are interested in and how to get involved.

Both Sides Now

The ability to work equally well with sellers and buyers is very helpful as many clients are both selling a home as well as buying a new one.  Working with one person in both transactions can be very helpful, keeping things on track and from falling through the cracks. Communication is simplified because they only have to work with one person.


So if you know anyone who would like to spend some time with me as I show them the city and its neighborhoods as we look for their dream home, please connect us.  Or if you know someone who is considering selling their home and would love someone who can guide them through the process of getting it ready for the market, I’m your woman.  Your friends won’t be disappointed that you referred them. Here’s what a recent referral said to me “Thanks for your kind and professional response.  You are a class act, and we both hope to enjoy good relationships in the future.  We especially appreciate your open mind, helping us believe we can find more good friends in Nashville.”



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