Let’s Go To WeHo

Many of you but not all of you may have heard of WeHo which is short for Wedgewood Houston, an emerging neighborhood in Nashville.  This neighborhoods boundaries are Chestnut on the north, 4th Ave S on the east, 8th Ave on the west and Wedgewood on the south.  It’s not a large area and it’s changing rapidly.  I’ve lived here for a little over a year and love it!

Walk To Work

One great thing about WeHo is its proximity to downtown, just 1 mile!  So for anyone that wants to walk or bike to work it’s a perfect location.  There are also great views of downtown.  It’s also a mile to the Gulch and 12S so easy to take advantage of all the new restaurants and shops in those areas.  8th Ave S also offers lots of shops and restaurants.  

Great Local Food

But you don’t have to go that far as WeHo already has 5 restaurants with many more coming.  WeHo is home to Bastion, Hemingway’s, Gaby’s with the best burgers in town, Dozen with the best of French baking, and Smokin Thighs.  Sunday, a coffee shop is opening soon, Diskin Distillery and cafe is under construction, a Bongo production is planned, and Slim and Huskies has been announced as well as an unnamed restaurant at the corner of Martin and Merritt.  Sassafras Market is expected to open in February which will have ready made food available as well as specialty items.  So many reasons to visit or move to WeHo.

Art and Entertainment

WeHo also has a Art Crawl on the first Saturday of every month which brings hundreds to the neighborhood to walk to the many galleries.  Galleries such as the David Lusk Gallery, Zeitgeist, The Packing House, Julia Martin and many more.

Lots Of New Home Choices

For many years this neighborhood was mainly an industrial area with some low and middle income housing but over the past several a lot of new housing has come into the area and over 1,000 units are expected to be built in the near future.  Initially new residences were mostly single family homes but two mixed use buildings were added in 2016 and 2017 on the corner of Martin and Merritt.  Now there are many large developments planned such as Southgate Station, Segment, WeHo Cottages and several others as of now unnamed developments.  Call me if you want to come and look at the new homes, townhomes and condos.

A Maker Community

Residential are not the only developments happening in WeHo.  WeHo has been known as a maker community and as the community grows developers are building spaces hopefully to attract additional makers.  Makers include several distilleries – Corsair, Nashville Craft and Diskin, a chair maker, custom guitars, ironworks, millwork, and more.

A Thriving Business Community

The May Hosiery building is under major renovations and will be home to shops, restaurants and offices including a well known architecture firm.  Although still unknown what will happen the old Greer Stadium, it is expected to be redeveloped in the near future.  Other buildings are being reworked and new businesses are moving in like Ole, a music publishing and rights company and the Escape Game design center.  They are joining 30 Tigers, a music publishing business, Platoon, String Joy and others. Village will also be opening and office in WeHo soon.

So all in all Wedgewood Houston is a great place to live, work and play.  So if you or someone you know is looking for a convenient, exciting new place to live, please contact me.

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