New Town Revisited

Silo mural

I’ve been showing properties a lot lately in The Nations, an area once referred to as New Town.  Not that I haven’t been there before, I sold one of my first houses on Tennessee Avenue. Back then new construction was happening but not to the extent it is now.  It is a very popular area for many reasons and one worth considering if making a move.

It Has Its Limits

The Nations’ borders are generally from 44th St on the east to Morrow Rd or Briley Parkway on the west, on the south is I-40 and on the north, Centennial Blvd.  These borders have expanded over time.  There is some development already on the north side of Centennial with more planned to the river, so I imagine the border will stretch with the development.  

Still Only 20 Minutes Away

It’s a great location with easy access to I-40 and only about 20 minutes to downtown, depending on traffic.  51st Ave is the main corridor through the Nations which you enter off Charlotte Pike.  Many of the streets have state names similar to Sylvan Park, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and New York to name a few.  51st is a complete street which includes sidewalks, bike lanes, parking and two way traffic, one of the first in the city.

Where to Eat and Drink

There is a lot going on in this dense neighborhood with lots of restaurants and more coming.  Coco’s Italian Market on 51st has been there for a long time but most of the others, 51 Fifty First Kitchen, Nicky’s Coal Fired, Nations Bar and Grill, Centennial Cafe, House, and Frothy Monkey to name some, are all much newer.  Fat Bottom Brewing calls this home and The Cardinal, a Belgian-inspired bar is soon to arrive.  There is an active neighborhood association and a facebook group.

Why The Nations?

The name The Nations has many stories to it’s origins, from the street names, to prison families to the Chickasaw Nation but none of these have been shown to be true.  But it has stuck even as developer’s tried to change its name recently to Historic West Nashville.  See this story in the Scene

Bigger Than Life

The Nations has a new landmark, see the picture above.  Developers wanted to tear down the silo but the neighbors resisted that effort, so instead it was embraced and the mural painted.  It has to be one of the largest and definitely the tallest mural in Nashville. I believe the silo is going to be turned into a hotel and condos.  An interesting addition to the neighborhood.

There’s a House For You

Currently there are 57 active listing in the Nations with prices from the high $300’s to $525,000.  You can buy a new town home for as low as $350k.  82 homes closed in the last 3 months, and 39 are under contract.  Of the active and sold listing over the last 3 months 75 percent of them are new construction.  It’s not easy but you can occasionally find an older small home for sale starting around $200,000.

A Shiny New Place

People still call it a transitional neighborhood but with over 75 percent of the housing built after 2010 and many of the existing home renovated, I don’t see how that description fits.  The few properties that are left to be developed are either owned by developers or will soon flip as owners now have the ability to cash out.

Come On By

If you haven’t taken the time to visit The Nations, please do.  Come and enjoy one of the bars or restaurants, take a look at the mural and walk, bike or drive through the wide streets.  If you’re interested in looking at houses there let me know.  And as always, if you know someone ready to buy or sell a home please connect us, you’ll be glad you did.


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