Happy New Year!

For many years, my New Year’s eve tradition was to write out two lists – one of all the things I wanted in my life, they could be new things or things I valued and wanted to keep.  And by things I don’t mean objects but things like good health, wonderful relationships, etc.  And the second was a list of things I no longer wanted in my life.  The second list I burned, symbolic of letting those things disappear.

This year I am doing it differently, I have a jar where I capture notes about the good things that happen every day.  On New Year’s Eve, I will have a great time reading and reflecting on that year and all the wonderful things I have in my life.  Although I didn’t have that jar this year, I still reflected on my year both personally and professionally.  

And 2016 was good to me, my family and I are healthy and we are together frequently, I am active and involved in the community, I was able to travel to Sedona, London, Disney, the beach and a spa in North Carolina.  I moved – again, and I had the best year of my real estate career.

Some will say it’s hard not to have a good year in real estate with Nashville being the IT city and real estate booming.  That definitely helps but it does take commitment, skill and hard work as well.  Not everyone in real estate is successful.

In reviewing my year, I noticed and appreciated several trends.  One, I had the opportunity to work with quite a number of people from my past.  People I worked with at Oasis Center, at Vanderbilt or who were clients when I owned Management Solutions Group.  It was very fun reconnecting with those friends and helping them sell their homes or find that perfect new home and neighborhood.

Two, I worked with several repeat clients.  Since I have only been in business 3.5 years, not many of my clients are ready to move to a new house. But three clients did move this year and I was grateful that they called me to represent them again to help them buy another home. Several of my clients also bought investment property this year so I was able to continue working with them, albeit in a new capacity.

Three, quite a few of my past clients and other people I know referred me to new clients.  Referrals are an important part of any real estate business, so I was very grateful that they would send their friends and family to me.  I worked with parents, sons, co-workers, and friends of the people I know.  How fun is that!

I also traveled with a friend, who is also an investment client, to Sedona to help her buy a home which she hopes to retire to in a year or two.  How cool is that!  I’d be glad to help any of you looking for properties in other areas.  I love to travel.

So when I say I had the best year ever in my real estate business, it was because of these people – past colleagues; past clients; parents, sons and friends of friends; and clients who have become investors that made the year so great!  

Other clients have called me during the year to ask for referrals or have questions about their home, maybe even checking in on their home values and a common part of the conversation is that we miss each other.  After spending weeks or even months looking at properties or getting their home sold, we have had a lot of conversations and have gotten to know each other pretty well.  Then it almost feels as if you’ve lost a friend.  I do stay in touch but it’s not the same intensity.

I look forward to 2017 and hope I have the opportunity to work with you, or your family, friends and colleagues.  Bring it on!  I’m ready and grateful for the opportunity.

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